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Reach All Local TVs In Your Area Every Single Day

We are using the power of Google to get you shown on every internet-connected TV screens for $10 per day (up to 3 zip codes) which includes a brand new TV Commercial every 30 days.

Track Actual Results with Weekly Impact Reports

With cable network ads, you have to guess the actual results. With us, you'll get a 7-day Impact Report & you'll see the EXACT number of TVs in your area that has shown your commercial. You'll know you’re getting more than your money’s worth!

Members receive the following:

  • 1 brand new, fully produced, video commercial - every 30 days
  • Shown on 100's of TV spots DAILY
  • Seen on thousands of local connected Televisions monthly
  • Instantly become a local celebrity 
  • Pay month-to-month
  • No contracts
  • and much more...

Join Our Exclusive Members 

Every month - you'll get a brand new TV Commercial like these...